Strengthening of multi-storey building using FRP


This high-rise office building in Auckland’s CBD was found to be below 67% of NBS and the new owner’s objective was to bring the structure up to at least that level. The structural engineer’s solution was to confine columns in lowest four levels of the building and to construct new reinforced concrete shear walls.

All work needed to be undertaken whilst the building was occupied. MaxBuild therefore needed to undertake the project with due consideration of how noise levels and construction activity would affect the tenants’ business operations. The hours when higher noise level activities were possible were restricted and work needed to be undertaken to strict deadlines to minimise disruption in the car park areas.

MaxBuild undertook all of the required strengthening activities including column concrete preparation, column confinement with carbon fibre FRP wrapping, construction of new reinforced concrete shear walls and application of a protective coating to the FRP.

Carbon fibre FRP wrapping provided a cost effect solution to increasing column axial strength and ductility without compromising the functionality of the building.


Seismic Performance


Vincent Street, Auckland



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